Jasper Cloete

Jasper holds an honors degree in Chemistry from the University of Pretoria and an MBA from the University of Stellenbosch.

Jasper started his career in financial and general management and worked in companies like Somchem (old Armscor), Industrial Development Corporation (IDC), South African Housing Trust and Business Partners (old Small Business Development Corporation).

In 1992 he left the corporate world and built an international product distribution network in 12 countries. This became the launchpad for his family business – Eagles Nest Lodge and Conference Venue in Fourways (see www.eaglesnest.co.za).

He founded the Generational Inheritance Group (GIG) movement in 2008 (see www.gig-institute.com) which has since started its own community bank called GIG CFI (see www.gig.coop).

In 2017 he co-founded the Fourways Community Chamber of Commerce operating from Eagle’s Nest (see www.fourwayscommunitychamber.co.za)

He also authored a book on Generational Wealth Building in 2017 called “Legacy- The 4 Steps to Success and Significance in Life and Business.

He reconnected with his old school friend Pieter Coetzer in 2016 and in October 2016 they started C2Wealth (Pty) Ltd with the vision to make the Forex trading industry more accessible to

the average man in the street through practical and affordable training.

Using the C2Wealth training, Jasper has since become a trader for his own account and strongly beliefs in the potential of the Forex market to provide sustainable income opportunities to those individuals (young, old or retired) who will put in the time and effort to master the principles and skills that makes a profe

Pieter Coetzer

Pieter holds a master’s degree in information technology from the University of Pretoria and an Honors Degree in Industrial Psychology.

Pieter started his career in the HR department and gained extensive experience in corporate human resource management. He transferred to the training department of a bank and fell in love with training and information technology.

Along his career he qualified in different ERP systems and worked his way to become a Project Manager. He gained experience both locally and abroad in Africa, Iran and the Russian Federation.

After returning from international assignments in 2009 Pieter settled at home in Pretoria and did contract work. His last assignment was with the credit card division of a well known bank as IT Project Manager.

Seeing retirement on the horizon, Pieter started to explore post-retirement possibilities. He decided to explore Forex trading and completed training on the subject. Pieter commenced trading as a part-time trader learning all the different nuances of Forex trading. He took early retirement in October 2016 and together with his business partner Jasper Cloete formed the C2Wealth Builders Company.

Although Pieter is an accomplished Forex trader, his first love is and will always be training. With his background in Industrial Psychology and having managed a training organization in a large corporation is Pieter at the head of all training activities for C2Wealth Builders.